Welcome to The Net Church in Huntsville

The Net is a non-denominational, contemporary church located at Campus 805 in the downtown Huntsville area. We welcome everyone as soon as they step through the door. This is a place where you can worship, meet new people, and hear the simple truth that Jesus taught. We believe that Christianity is easy to understand but difficult to practice, so we minor on learning and major on doing the things that Christ taught us to do. We focus on two things. We worship God and we help people. The best way to begin is to come and spend one hour with us on a Sunday morning. We are located at the Stone Center on Campus 805. We have one service at 10:30 am. We hope you’ll pay us a visit and experience church in a whole new way. 

Come to a place where everyone belongs.

Join us for our current series on Sunday @ 10:30 at The Stone Center, Campus 805.

Current Series


Celebrate recovery

a Christ-centered approach

Celebrate Recovery at The Net is a new Celebrate Recovery ministry that started in Huntsville, Alabama in January 2019.

We are located at Campus 805 right in the heart of Huntsville. Celebrate Recovery is a place where real life change happens.

We invite you to join us on this journey together. There IS hope, and healing is possible!

Millions of people worldwide have experienced the benefits of learning to deal with their past and present hurts, habits and hangups. Regardless of what you’ve gone through in life, there is a place for you at Celebrate Recovery!


There’s a Hero in You

There is a hero in you! That’s not just a great Mariah Carey song, it’s true! The Israelites had been rebellious. Their constant story theme seemed to be this cycle of losing faith, disobeying their God, facing His discipline, repenting of their sin and...

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The Other Side of Freedom

Freedom is in our DNA. God put it there. We all want it and God wants it for us. God spoke to Moses and said to tell Pharaoh that His people were like a Son to Him and to let His Son go free. God secured freedom for all His people and provided for their...

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Saving Private Ryan

What would you do? Bug out to safety or confront the enemy and risk it all? That’s the choice that Captain Miller faces in the epic movie, “Saving Private Ryan.” In life, there are the knowns and the unknowns. Nine times out of ten I want to choose the...

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