What would you do? Bug out to safety or confront the enemy and risk it all? That’s the choice that Captain Miller faces in the epic movie, “Saving Private Ryan.” In life, there are the knowns and the unknowns. Nine times out of ten I want to choose the knowns. What about you? It’s in our nature to avoid the unknowns. But, God very often insists that we abandon the things we know and launch into the unknown which is almost always outside of our familiar territory. 
Adventure, suspense, mystery and intrigue await all those who are prepared to trust the voice of God saying, “Follow Me.” We, like Susan, a character in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” want to know if Aslan (Jesus) is safe. To which Mr. Beaver replies, “Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.” Are you willing to risk safety for goodness? In this week’s movie illustration, “Saving Private Ryan”, we see this scenario play out in the movie. But what will you do?
Will you leave your safe way of thinking and pursue your heart’s desire? You might wonder, “what is my heart’s desire?” There’s one way to find out. Follow Him. He will lead you into the unknown and there, you will most certainly discover what you desire in your heart of hearts!