“All things are possible if you believe.” This is what our Lord said to the man who brought his son to Jesus. The man said, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” That’s the way a lot of us feel when we hear the words faith or belief.
When Jesus talked about believing, and He talked about it a lot, He was using a word that means to trust God with your wellbeing. What Jesus was saying to us was not just simply to believe that God is real and that Jesus was God’s Son. Most of America would agree that Jesus was the Son of God. He was actually talking about placing our trust in Him – trusting Him with our well-being. But what if you have trouble with this?
How do you strengthen your faith when you still have doubts? I still have trouble with this sometimes even though I’ve been following Jesus for 3 decades. There is an answer. Trust is both a noun and a verb. In the church, we use it mainly as a noun but to overcome our doubts and strengthen our faith, we must use it as a verb. We must actively trust God and specifically do the things that Jesus talked about. We must trust Him with our relationships, our jobs, our money, our future and all the things that mean so much to us. We must submit to Him in all these things. In other words, we must trust Him and all things will be possible to those who trust.
One last tip on trusting God. Trusting Him means letting God determine which mountains are moved, which miracles are performed, which blessings are poured out on us. We don’t know what we want, let along what we need. So, it’s in our trusting that God does the impossible but don’t be disappointed to find out that God knows what’s best. If you hang in there long enough with your trust, you will most certainly discover that God’s heart’s desire for you is by design, also your deepest heart’s desire. He knows exactly what will bless your soul to no end! Trust Him!