are you hiding
When the first sin was committed, Adam and Eve hid themselves. We do the same thing don’t we? Sin brings shame especially to the believer in Christ. So we hide. The problem for us is the word “hide” is a verb, and all verbs require some sort of effort. This type of hiding can come in the form of the literal keeping of secrets, or in the more subtle altering of your persona depending on your circumstances or the people you find yourself with. It takes more effort than you realize and it creates tension.

Our culture loves to use the words “authentic” and “transparent”. Even in the Christian world, we say them with conviction, as if these are our true values. Yet, there is still this tension as we present to those around us the person we want them to believe we are. As long as our private world differs from our public presentation, we can’t truly have the freedom Jesus promised us.

How do we become free? Change! Jesus said we must change and become like innocent children. I said something to my wife in confidence this week and I stopped myself in mid sentence and changed what I said, because what I was about to say was arrogant and self-serving. Later in the week, when I didn’t catch myself, she reminded me and I corrected my words once again. It’s simple. Stop doing some things and start doing other things. If you have difficult sin patterns, confide in someone trustworthy. Ask those you are close to, to hold you accountable. And one by one, moment by moment, one day at a time, you will find yourself becoming free. The person on the inside will become presentable and you will become free!