Has anyone ever given you something with strings attached? Those gifts are not really blessings and better left alone. When someone blesses you or gives you a true gift, nothing is expected in return. It’s not one of those, “I’ll wash your hand if you’ll wash mine” kind of scenarios. It’s free! When Mary, the mother of Jesus, went to visit her cousin Elizabeth during her pregnancy, Elizabeth lavished Mary with praise and did not expect anything in return. Her blessing was free.
Real love is unselfish and does not seek it’s own interests. This is the kind of love that the world desperately needs. It’s genuine in it’s praise. It lifts a person up because they have done something praiseworthy. It recognizes the beauty of God in someone and gifts them with kindness. It’s the type of love that sets a person free and would never think of binding them in some type of burdensome expectation in return. 
When you give a compliment, extend a kindness, help a friend or a stranger, admire or commend someone, make it count in heaven. I mean, let your reward come from heaven without expecting some reward from the person in exchange. The beauty of serving God is that He will reward you and He will begin now. He loves it when we act without selfishness, only thinking of the needs of others and our desire to please Him. In short, He loves it when we act like Him. And He blesses us by giving us more of His Spirit and nature. I pray that He would bless you by putting you in the Christmas spirit in this holiday season. Merry Christmas!