Take a look at your hand. Your hand, like everything, came from somewhere. Your body and who you are on the inside, also came from somewhere. Have you ever wondered where YOU came from? What things took place in order for an advanced human life like yourself to exist.

I was looking at my hand recently and was thinking about all the other hands that came before mine. All the hands of my ancestors were unique in how they looked and the work they performed. I was thinking about how my family tree is small at the end and gets exponentially huge as it goes back in time and then gets small again as it proceeds to the first people from which we all are descended. But, where did they come from. From whose hand did they originate?

Some say creation took a literal six days. Others say it took millions of years. The time it took is not the miracle of creation. The design, from the laws that govern the universe, to the life that dominates our planet, to the souls that are housed in our amazing bodies, that’s the miracle of creation. Everywhere we look, we see miracles. The tragedy is that we take so much of it for granted.

We don’t realize how incredibly unique the earth and everything it contains is. If we did, we would be keenly aware of the purpose of it all. Maybe we would realize that we are the purpose. To an outsider, it would be obvious. Humans are at the pinnacle of it all. It seems that everything was created to serve us. Yet, we even take our own lives for granted. We don’t recognize the importance of our existence. We live as if we have no purpose.

The scripture says that all things were created by Him (Jesus) and that He came to His own people and His own people rejected Him. What a shame. The hands of the creator which are now scarred from the death that belonged to us are open. Will you accept His invitation to the real life you were created for?