Many of us would like to become better people in 2024. The great news for Christians is that we absolutely can. You might like the idea, but believe that you are limited by your character flaws. We all have weaknesses, but Christians have an amazing hidden superpower called the nature of Christ. It is activated by a catalyst called faith. Our biggest obstacle, is that most of us don’t believe we can become the people, that we want so much to be. No catalyst, no power to change. 

Within the nature of Christ, there is every good thing you could imagine yourself becoming. It’s His nature! How could it possibly be lacking? It’s time that we start believing in “the riches of this mystery” of God that Paul talks about in Colossians 1:27 “which is Christ in you, the hope of glory”. God is not lacking, He is not holding back, He is not limiting you. He is calling you fully, into this new life, without reserve, without restraint, to realize the hope you have of being transformed into the best possible you. 

How? Define yourself. Instead of letting life or your most recent outcomes define you, choose to define yourself. My wife, Lynnae and I have spent the past few days defining ourselves. I would say “redefining”, but most of us never define ourselves in the first place. We need to be intentional about something this important. And, it’s fun and energizing. 

The most enjoyable part of the process is that we are not looking at ourselves as a guide for our definitions. We are looking at Christ. If we were using our present selves to define our future selves, we’d never change. But, if we use the nature of Jesus which lives in us and is at our disposal every moment, then we can truly and honestly define ourselves in a way that will change us and make us better. 

For instance, I defined myself as patient. Sometimes I can be patient, but no one close to me would say that it’s my greatest strength. When I put patience down as one of my attributes, Lynnae liked it. She likes it because she wants to see it put into action in my life. She knows that If I believe this about myself, my faith will bring it about. We are challenging each other to deliberately define ourselves in 2024. I want to challenge you to do the same. 

It doesn’t matter what others say about you. It doesn’t matter what your past says about you. It matters what God says and it matters what you believe about yourself. So get paper and pen or computer or phone and start intentionally defining yourself by the character of Jesus Christ. Believe in the “riches of this mystery” and you will see the change in 2024. Let us pierce the limited, faithless monotony of religion with the extraordinary unstoppable, limitless energy of our faith, that is sure to catapult us into the life we so desperately desire. 

Don’t let any person, any situation, any failure, any fear, any weakness or any feeling define you. You are a new creation! Define that creation and live by it.