Some of us are praying about the election. I most definitely am. People on both sides believe this election is critical for their important rights to be protected and their important issues to be carried forward. I’m no different. But while I revere the office of the Presidency Of The United States and count my right to vote as one of my most sacred privileges, my allegiance is to Jesus Christ my Lord. He is my Creator, Savior, and King. And He wants above all, to love one another with a love that is greater than any circumstance. Our Christian brothers and sisters come in all types of shapes, colors, and political ideologies. It may come as a surprise that Jesus is not a Republican or Democrat. He is Love, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. He is the one who gives life to every person that comes into the world.  And the noise coming out of my television these days is not all love, truth, or life. 

The question I have for you is what are you going to do and how will you behave when your candidate wins or loses? Will you allow the sweetness of Jesus to come through in the days following the election and be a healing spirit to those around you or will you spread the hatred or the doom and gloom that the enemy so desperately wants to hear from you? Will you be a loving winner or loser (whatever the case may be) and will your faith remain in your God no matter which side your candidate comes out on. I will.