Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever been so lonely that it hurts? I have, and it feels like you’re homesick but there’s nowhere to go and no one to share it with. Have you ever wondered if Jesus is really the Lord, if He really can identify with you and your problems? If you’ve ever experienced the loneliness that cuts and wounds then you can be sure that Jesus knows that pain.

The scripture says that he was tempted in all things that we are tempted in. He knows the pain of our temptation. He also knows the pain of our sin because He became sin on the cross and exchanged His righteousness for our unrighteousness, His holiness for our sin. What a Savior He is! One thing that we can know, something that we can be sure of is that He knows our pain and even our loneliness. Part of the process of defeating our enemy was to defeat real loneliness, the kind that leaves you dumbfounded. The kind that leaves you blindsided asking “why”.

Jesus said on the cross, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” His mission could not have been complete without this final act of loneliness that would abolish loneliness for us forever. If you know Him, I mean really know Him, you’ll never be alone because His body of believers will be with you and even if you are separated from them, the Spirit Of The Living God abides with you now and forever!

Father, why have you forsaken me?