The Book of James is a book of solutions. If life is a test, James is the answer key. It’s like having this magical insight into how we can make our lives and relationships instantly better and all the answers are simple. I said simple, not easy. Do you want strong faith? Then do what Jesus says to do. Do you need wisdom? Ask God in faith. Do you want to be completely faithful to God? Be faithful to Him in what you say. All simple to understand but not easy to do.

In chapter 4, he tells us how we can live peaceably with one another or more importantly why we aren’t living in peace. He says it’s because we aren’t getting the things we want. We are angry with the people around us because our evil desires aren’t being met. He says we don’t have because we don’t ask God and when we do ask, we don’t receive because we ask with the wrong motive. It’s the motive that needs to change.

That’s a tough one. How do you change your motives? Maybe, it’s best to get down to the bottom of it all. Here’s the bottom line. We want what’s best for us, but we don’t know what’s best for us. We think we do! And we will move heaven and earth to make it happen if we can. But here’s the beautiful twist of truth. God also wants what’s best for you. But there’s a difference. God also knows what is best. So, James gives us a simple but very tough answer. Submit to God! This requires that we trust in Him to lead us into the life He has prepared for us – the very best life – the life that we were designed for. And when we submit to God, we are saying to Him, “I trust You.” That is real faith! It’s the kind that can move mountains. And nothing will be impossible for those who believe.