God In Person

One of the first things that Jesus said to his disciples when he appeared to them after the resurrection was, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” then He breathed on them and told them to receive the Holy Spirit. God came to the earth in person, and He is still here in person. Remember, you are not just a figurative member of Christ’s body but a very real member of His body who has purpose and meaning. God is here with us and also with the rest of the world through us.

Look around. Take a look at the people you are with. Make a mental note of the situations you find yourself in and the people you interact with daily. You are God’s plan for that circumstance. He wants to show His unconditional love, unmatched compassion, and unwavering kindness through you.

What’s the secret? The Holy Spirit! We need the breath of Christ, the Holy Spirit, who breathed life into Adam, to infuse us with His character and righteousness. Just ask the father. It doesn’t have to be an amazing prayer. Just a simple request. “God, please give me an opportunity, no matter how small, to be the conduit in which someone can meet You in person today.” He will.