Have you ever thought about how important your part is in God’s overall plan? It’s pretty serious if you think about it. Jesus said that when we pray, we should ask the Father for His will to be done on earth just like it’s done in heaven. But, whether His will is done or not, really depends on whether His people are willing to carry out His will. I think this part of the Lord’s Prayer is both a request and an affirmation of our willingness to do what He wants in this world.

If we break it down, I think what we are really saying is, “Lord, we want Your will to be done here on earth and if you’ll show us what it is, we are willing to do it”. That’s the only way His will can be done because His plan involves us going into the places where we live, work and play, and making disciples. That means we influence others to follow Jesus by setting the example, which of course is God’s plan. And God helps us.

Have you ever felt that strong nudge in your conscience to do a certain thing. You know it’s the best thing, but it may involve some discomfort on your part or keep you from something else you desire. Well, if we are accustomed to praying that prayer earnestly, God’s will has a much better chance. God has given you the power by the Holy Spirit to act as His representative. In these troubling times, you may not think you can make much of a difference. I’m not saying that God’s whole plan depends on you and me, but it is interactive. And, the part that we play absolutely depends on us! Let’s get busy!