There is a hero in you! That’s not just a great Mariah Carey song, it’s true! The Israelites had been rebellious. Their constant story theme seemed to be this cycle of losing faith, disobeying their God, facing His discipline, repenting of their sin and having God lead them once again to victory. By the way, that seems to be our story too. If you think about it, you may find that pattern in your own life. Okay, back to the Israelites. Their enemies had beaten them so badly that they hid in caves hoping that the Midianites would leave those Israelites who remained alone.

Gideon was hiding like everyone else, shuddering in fear when God told him that he was, in fact, a great warrior who would save Israel. He was a hero waiting to happen! This seemed so impossible to him, that he had to have signs from God in order to believe. I’ll bet that if you truly knew what God wanted to do in your life, you would shudder too.

The scripture teaches clearly that there are two sides to us. You could even call it two people. There is the man of sin who is rebellious toward God and seeks to fulfill his own desires, not caring how it affects God’s plan or others. He is a coward. Then there is the man of God. He seeks to please his Father in heaven. Since he is focused more on living every day for God and other people, his fears can’t overcome him. He is courageous even in the face of fear! He has the Holy Spirit working in him to conquer his fears and devour the enemy! If you walk with Jesus, you will be heroic in the battle!

No matter what kind of person you’ve been in the past, today, you can have victory if you choose to be the warrior God has neatly tucked inside your heart. All it takes is to say yes to God. One yes after another, after another, leads you to victory over every fear, every doubt, every insecurity, bad habit, rebellious sin and every obstacle that stands in the way of your destiny.