When someone is trying to sell me something, I want to know the one thing that they don’t want to tell me. It seems that every salesperson is trained never to reveal the cost, until after the complete and exhaustive sales pitch is done. Or maybe they are just trying to hold out as long as possible before they hear the word no.

I think we all want to know what something is going to cost before we get into it. This week, a friend asked if I would help with something related to the Homeowners Association in our neighborhood. He’s a good friend of mine, so I immediately said sure! After a few minutes, I started thinking about it and I texted him to ask what exactly I was volunteering for. I wanted to know how much time it would cost me.

I think we are also like that with our faith. Sometimes we get in quick and then start counting the cost. By the way, the answer to this question is, Christianity will cost you everything. At first, we give a little time, a little money, a little effort, and God begins to give to us. If we continue to be faithful, we realize that what we are getting, is way more valuable than what we are giving. In return we get things like love, friendship, forgiveness, peace, and of course, eternal life. Soon we are willing, if we continue on this course, to give God everything we can and He continues to give us everything that He can.

People ask sometimes how much money, time, effort, etc. am I obligated to give to God. What they are really asking is, “what is my bare minimum requirement”. My answer is always the same. Whatever you give, give until it costs you something. Otherwise, all you are doing is dabbling in Christianity and weighing your options. Take some good advice. Jump in with both feet! You won’t regret it and neither will the recipients of your generosity.