how real is grace

If Jesus was full of grace and truth, and He dwells in us, shouldn’t we also be full of grace? Can we have Jesus but not show any signs of grace? Maybe, but I can tell you this. No matter what life has thrown your way, no matter what has wounded you or what terrible situation has robbed you of your grace giving ability, Jesus stands at the ready to launch his powerful, life giving, soul restoring, heart healing grace, in any given moment. All He needs from you is an opportunity.

His grace is real! I think most people have the idea that grace is kind of a passive thing, but in reality, it’s one of the most powerful things there is. It’s what saved the life of the woman caught in adultery. It’s the thing that forgave all those who had a part in crucifying Christ. It’s also what saved the soul of the man crucified at Jesus’ side who had been mocking Him. Jesus forgave all three of these undeserving people. That’s grace! It’s undeserved favor. And you can get it and give it.

I won’t say it’s easy to receive it or to offer it to someone else, especially if you have been hurt by the judgement of others. The thing that’s most difficult is getting past all the lies designed to keep us from grace. The fact is, nothing really stands in the way of giving and receiving God’s grace, except our willingness to participate. So, if you are in need of forgiveness or are withholding it from someone else, take a moment. Make a decision. Decide to accept God’s unconditional love and forgiveness and to give it to others. Then make that move to live without guilt and shame and free everyone of every sin committed toward you.