C.S. Lewis said, “How little people know who think holiness is dull. When one meets the real thing, it is irresistible.” It truly is irresistible when you meet someone who has the character of God. Having His character doesn’t make us God, but it does make us an indispensable member of His body. The most exciting part is that He wants to share His character with all who believe. What most of us lack in this process, is the faith to believe that God loves us that much. If we really knew just how much He loves us at this very moment, it would alter the course of our lives. We would immediately see that we are worth so much more than we thought to God. We would realize the potential and the power available to us. We would tap into His holiness and be a catalyst for changing the lives of others.

The real work here is believing. It’s not easy when everything you hear and all that you see around you are constantly sending you the opposite message. It says that you are on your own and that if you are to get anything in this world, you must look out for yourself first. Every time I have an extensive read or listen to the scriptures, it always changes the trajectory of my thinking. I want to suggest two things for you this week. Try reading or listening to one whole book of the new testament like Galatians, for instance. It’s short and full of godly richness. And then, come to church online or in person. Reading Galatians will prepare you to hear this week’s message in a new way. It’s called “Receiving God’s Character.”