I like our chances

“What shall we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?” These are not my words, although I have adopted them as my own. The Apostle Paul so powerfully and accurately stated the obvious in Romans 8. And he added,” He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, how will He not, along with Him, graciously give us all things?” I like our chances!

If I were a betting man, I would put everything I had on us. We are not weak. We are not defeated. We are not losing the fight because we are not alone. Someone asked me last week, “As a pastor, what do you think it meant when God said He created us in His image?” I gave what I thought was a pretty good answer, but after thinking about it for a few days, I want to change my answer. My new answer is this: He has not finished His work in us. He is still making us into His image, and as John said, when we see Him, we will be like Him.

I like our chances because God is on our side. His vision for the world and the future includes us, and even the vision He has for Himself includes us. We are His body and cannot be separated from Him, so whatever the enemy is whispering in your ear – you know what I’m talking about – all this foolishness about God not caring about you, that He’s forgotten you, that you’re never going to be everything that God wants you to be. Don’t you believe it! Paul said that we should cheer up! That God began a good work in us, and He will complete that work.

The only hope the enemy has is that we will believe that we are defeated. But any sensible person who looks at the facts will see how impossible it would be for God to abandon us. He would have to abandon Himself. No way! If God is for us, we win. I LIKE OUR CHANCES!