The idea of investing in yourself may seem counter to the Christian idea of putting others first. But think about it in this way. Although we have the ability and the duty to invest in others, we also are compelled by scripture to invest in ourselves. Most of the new testament is focused on instructing Christians in how they should behave. This instruction is meant for our benefit. 

In the message series this Spring called “Organic”, we are talking about things that are alive. It occurred to me that we spend so much time, effort and money trying to acquire material things (things that are not alive) which are supposed to make us happy, but very little on the one thing that is alive and  has the most potential to fulfill us. Us. When we invest in our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, we actually have control over the outcome. We are called to invest in others but the only person we have definitive power over is ourselves. 

I’m not saying we should lavish ourselves with indulgent experiences. I’m saying we should spend a very healthy amount of time, energy and even money if there is a need that requires it, to improve the way we think, speak and act. Put the other person first, but treat your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and treat the person that you are with honor and respect, making yourself available for God to work in you. This will insure that you are able to give the best you have to offer to others when the opportunity arises. It’s an investment that pays big dividends! Start investing in yourself today. We will all be better for it.