Is there a real hell? The answer is that it depends on what your definition of hell is. Most of what we think as a culture about hell doesn’t come from the Bible at all, but from the world of art and Greek mythology. If we are to find the truth, we must go back to scripture. That’s exactly what we are going to do this Sunday. But be ready to have your perspective changed. Be willing to adopt the truth and let go of any misconceptions that you are holding on to. We will take a hard look at the words used for hell in the Old and New Testaments as well as what part Satan plays in this and the location of hell, Satan, and demonic powers. I hope it will be as interesting and compelling to you as it is for me. No matter what you believe is about hell, the good news is that we have a Savior to trust in and Salvation to cling to. So, invite a friend or family member. It could be just the thing that we all need to hear.