Don’t make New Years Resolutions! Instead create some great habits. Don’t think short term results, think long term accomplishment! Don’t make sweeping changes that you know are going to fall apart. Make small manageable changes that you can build on as the months and years go by. We don’t know of any resolutions that Jesus made but we can see His habits in scripture and learn from them. This is a fun and exciting way to enter the new year! I’m sure like me, you’ve tried to resolve to change your life in many ways over the years only to suffer short term victories but failures in the long run. I’ve found a new way that works for me. 
Instead of thinking, for instance, about what great shape I can get into in three months if I incorporate a radically new one hour per day workout, I choose to do at least one exercise a day. I’ve been doing this for three months without missing a day and I’m in much better shape now than then. Now I’m thinking that I’ll add one more exercise to my daily habit. I know I’m going to be exercising each day anyway. Why not add another exercise to my habit? My daily list of “to dos” can be done in 30 min. or I can choose to camp out on one or two and spend several hours on my daily list. 
Here’s what I’ve found. The results are amazing! The stacking of 5, 10, 20 minutes consistently every day in multiple areas has transformed my life. I’m in better shape, more prepared for my weekly sermons, I’m on a daily learning quest that has given me confidence in my leadership abilities, I’m a better musician and I’m closer to God. 
Make a decision to take on some of Jesus’ habits and add a couple of your personal desires in to enhance your unique personality. Practice them each day without taking time off and you’ll be amazed. Here are a few of the habits Jesus practiced consistently. He prayed, spent time in solitude, made friends, socialized, worshiped, helped people, asked questions, listened, shared wisdom and he made time to rest. In what great ways would your life be enhance by this time next year if you made a list of five things you would do daily or weekly that didn’t require a lot of time and energy but simply required your consistent attention? Think about it, pray for direction and then put your small habits into practice. The results will amaze you!