Have you ever tried to be something you’re not? Have you ever felt pressure from others to conform? How about the American Christian Culture? Have you felt you had to conform to what other Christians thought you should be? I’ll bet that some of you are facing these burdens right now.

Jesus always had the ideas and wishes of those close to Him pressing in. The Pharisees wanted Him to conform to the law. The Zealots thought He should fight against the Romans. His disciples desired that He be crowned King, and they wanted to reign with Him. His brothers asked Him to go and party. His mother, Mary, requested that He produce wine at the wedding celebration, a request which He granted and was His first official miracle. But Jesus never tried to be anything but Himself.

Religious people and organizations will sometimes exert their authority and influence to try to get you to conform to what they think you ought to be. Even in the name of Jesus, some will insist that you live your life as they do. But God has a different path for you. What God has called you to may be similar but is always different from the exact trajectory of others. So be yourself! Love God, worship Him, pray, and follow Him your way. Jesus commands us to do things like loving our neighbor and enemies. It says to put others before ourselves. He tells us to go the extra mile and turn the other cheek, but He doesn’t dictate how. He knew that each of us would be led by Him differently.

Your face, fingerprints, and heart are unlike anyone else’s. So if you want to be like someone, be like Jesus, who never conformed but always followed His unique path. Please God, and God will be pleased with you.