How was your week? Did you receive positive responses from anyone? Did they compliment your work, your clothes, your decisions or your skills? If they did, how did it make your feel? Did it give you an extra emotional boost? I hope the people around you are pleased with you and the things you do. And, I hope they tell you. But one thing is certain. This won’t always be the case. 

Compliments are going to make us feel good, but our emotional state shouldn’t depend on them. These are just the opinions of others. The powerful truth is that if you allow the opinions of others to determine your good mood, then the opinions of those same people will drag you down when they are not so positive. Beware when a string of compliments come your way. If you allow your pride to be stroked, a fall is soon to follow. 

Remember that if you humble yourself before God, He will lift you up. That is always the best and healthiest mindset. Let your mood depend on the opinion of the One who will never let you down.