Do you ever wish you could get free from all the stress and relax? Does it feel like the endless tasks and responsibilities have a hold on you? Maybe it’s not so much that stress won’t let go of you but that you won’t let go of it. Don’t give up. There is hope and a way to escape the burdens that life has a way of duping us into carrying. It’s called worship.

Uh oh, here comes another burden. I can imagine your thoughts as you read yet another task to deliver on. But it’s not for the benefit of others, it’s for you. There is an almost magical thing that happens when we surrender in worship to the King of salvation. When you see pictures of people engaged in worship, you may notice common postures. Hands are often outstretched to the side, front, or straight up in the air. Some people kneel or bow. Eyes are often closed. All these positions come naturally. No one says to worshipers around the world that they must all move to a certain position in order to worship our Lord. It is instinctual to shut out the world and move to a humble posture as you release your soul into the almighty God. 

Peter says that we should humble ourselves and cast our cares on God because He cares for us. Worship is a process that puts all things into perspective very quickly. When we humble ourselves, which is essential for true worship, and lift God to His proper place as Lord of all in our own minds, we become aware of what is most important, and the unnecessary cares quickly fade away. Divine priorities fall into place and we become less worried and more thankful. Worship enables us to let go of the things that have us tied in knots and grasp the very heart of the God who loves us beyond our comprehension. Let it go!