the power of one word

Could you use some real inspiration? I could. That’s why I get excited about the things Jesus said about faith. Faith really is the power that unlocks our deepest heart’s desires. And we all have it! Paul says that we have each been given a measure of faith. If Jesus’ words are true and faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, what will you do with your faith?

I have a list of things I want to move or remove. I want to remove doubt from my prayers. I’d like to remove the influence of the evil one from those I have the privilege of speaking to weekly. I would love to remove sicknesses by praying with faith in the name and power of Jesus Christ. I hope to remove walls and wedges between people who should be connected in the love of God and not fight each other because they have different perspectives. I pray that God would move the Church, His Body, to follow Him more closely and become like Him in the things we think, say, and do. I pray that He would move us to unity, not in our politics or our differences of opinions but in spite of them. And make our love for one another far more powerful than the petty judgments we make against each other.

Yeah, we could all use a move. Why not commit a month to finding out what God says about faith? Why not turn off the news and turn on your Bible app or pick up the book and read everything you can find about faith? It could change your life. Faith in Christ is the only thing that can make a lasting or rather everlasting change in your life.