In this world, everything seems to be changing. We are seeing things that we’ve never witnessed before. Many of those things are good. Every time I see someone wearing a mask in public, I realize that this person is protecting those around them. So many are in a new business now. It’s the business on helping other people. In a crisis, you see the best coming out in many people. That’s good news!

There are also many things that trouble us like the injustice of murder and a worldwide pandemic that threatens our peace and security. You may be troubled. You may be afraid. This may seem literally like the end of the world. Several people have said just that to me recently. Well, only the Father knows when the end will come but we know that while we are in the world, we are to be the light of the world which means showing unconditional love to those who are hurting and compassion to all those in need.

Every person who has Christ living in them not only has the answer but is at least part of the answer. You are part of the answer! These times call for action. This is not a time for more Bible study, education and theological discussions. This is a time to love with our deeds. It’s a time to put our faith into action, to treat others as we would want to be treated. It’s a time for patience and understanding. I know that there are people on both sides of the political spectrum who think that politics holds the answer. I don’t have my faith in politics, but I do have my faith in God, and I pray that He will bring peace, justice and love to our country through His church and political leaders who are a part of that glorious church.

Please join me in this prayer. Father, we pray that You would help us to put politics aside and put the compassion of God first in our minds and hearts. As we open ourselves to You, we ask that You’d steady our souls, that You would connect us with Your heart and with each other through the Holy Spirit and that Your unconditional, sacrificial love would permeate every thought, word, and action we take. Please comfort those who have lost someone they love through recent events and the hundreds of thousands of family members who are morning the loss of someone who lost their life due to sickness. We place our hope in You! We depend on You! You are our help in times of trouble. We love You and Praise you in this storm! In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

If you missed last week’s message, you can watch it below!