Too many of us are asking the wrong question. We want to know the bare minimum requirements for the life God offers. The problem for us is that the Christ life is so expansive and all consuming, it just can’t be housed in a small corner of our being. 

It was never meant for small spaces. He offers us a large life of expanded relationships, huge opportunities, grand thinking and boundless love. Some of us are so impeded by the ties that we have to things, people and responsibilities, that we can’t imagine a freedom that would allow us to follow Christ without reserve. But this is exactly what He offers. 

The rich young man who came to Jesus had a very efficient plan to add eternity to his collection of things. Jesus’ response to him was to disconnect himself from everything and everyone who held him in mediocrity and to reach forward for the kind of existence that dwarfs the smallness of materialism. He chose small. 

The questions we ought to be asking are, “What is the maximum space in my life that I can give to God. Where can I find the time, energy, solitude and relational capital to spend on others? How can I seek the kingdom first? How can I let go of the grudges and debts owed to me that clutter my heart and mind? How can I make room for a blessing so large that it requires all of me?” If you listen to the words of Jesus, you’ll find the answers.