It’s a bit cliche’ to say that you can make a difference in someone’s life even though nothing could be more true. But what if you could do something monumental? What if you could be part of a miracle that would never be forgotten and would become part of human history? There is a story of a great miracle, of huge proportion, that happened when thousands of people came together and worked extremely hard to rebuild Jerusalem after the walls had been torn down and the gates burned. When you begin to read in the book of Nehemiah how each person took a portion of what had been torn down and rebuilt it, you realize that the real miracle was in the commitment of so many, to work so hard, to accomplish so much! The city walls were completely restored in fifty-two days. 

What has God dreamed for us? Do you think His mind is blank? Is He possibly out of ideas? Is there no great thing that God can think of that He still wants to accomplish? Or is He overflowing with excitement about His next project that He’s planned near you? Could God be in search of someone at this moment who would dare to say yes to Him? I believe He is not only ready but also willing and able to do more than we can imagine if we will just say yes! What obstacle could possibly stand in the way of God’s will if we decide to work together and give our all to make it happen? None. With God’s wind at our back to make His dreams come true, nothing is impossible! Absolutely nothing!

What do you think would happen if we just spent a little less time asking God for what we want and a little more time asking what He wants. This one tweak in your prayer time would change everything. What do say? Are you ready to become part of a huge miracle? 

This week, we will finish “The Crown Series” but this message will lead us into our next series called “Spirit-Led and Body Driven.” I believe this new series is going to ignite a fire in many of us to do what may seem impossible. I’m already pumped about it and I shared some of this vision with our staff this Tuesday and they are excited! God is in the business of doing great things and He is looking for people who will say yes to His call, yes to His challenges, and yes to His will. If you are one of those “Yes” people. Your life is about to get very exciting.