Never give up on the things that God has put in your heart to do. Everything that He has planned for us is extremely important because the purpose is always to multiply the love of Christ in this world among people. Jesus says that if we do good to others, it’s the same as doing good to Him. It is a form of worship when we speak a kind word, meet a person’s need, forgive someone, or do an unexpected good deed for a perfect stranger. It’s a beautiful thing to follow Jesus and live the way He lived.

However, life and people can be discouraging at times. It can feel like a burden more than a blessing when you are weary. It’s when circumstances and people don’t respond favorably to our obedience, that we feel like giving up. But wait! Don’t give in! Don’t give up! There is proof that God is with you. There is solid evidence that the dream God has given you will materialize.

The scripture says,” Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). The word “substance means realization. It is the building material that makes God’s dream in you come to life! The word “evidence” means confidence. You can have confidence that your hope is not in vain because of the very fact that you have that hope in the first place. Your God-placed dream, fueled by the Spirit of the Creator who knows all things will propel you forward into the destiny that He has encouraged you for.

Don’t give up! This present difficulty is no match for the faith God has given you. You can and will be rewarded for your perseverance. Maybe you need help. God will provide a friend. Maybe you need financial assistance. God will make a way. Who can know the impact that your one life will make if you just keep saying yes to God? He says, “love”. You say, “yes”! He says, “forgive.” You say, “yes”! Pray? Yes! Work? Yes! Keep walking? Keep praising? Keep moving ahead one step at a time? Yes, yes, yes, and God’s spirit of perseverance will win! He has a plan and a map for your victory over sin in this life and the death that comes at the end of this life. It’s yours and nobody can take it away from you. So, don’t give it away by giving up.