God has no Plan B for you. But we all seem to want Plan B. I’m talking about myself here as well. But, I think the more I preach about the truth of Plan A, the more willing I am to go for God’s plan. We just finished a message series called “Flip The Church”. The series was about making disciples of the vast majority of our people. Jesus said nothing about us growing a church. He only said one thing about building a church and in that instance, He said that He would do it. What did He say for us to do? “Go and make disciples”. This is Plan A. There is no other plan for you or for me.
The first order of business is to become a disciple. While I consider myself to be one, I also know that I am in the process of becoming a better one. The calling of the church is to follow Christ and to make disciples. That comes through teaching, apprenticing and immersion. There is a great book by Mike Breen and Steve Cockram entitled, “Building A Discipling Culture”. If you’re curious, it’s a very good read.
There’s not much news in this blog. The title says it all. The point is to get you thinking the way God is thinking. If there is no Plan B, why not embrace God’s real plan for you and for all those around you? He wants you and your family and all your friends! He wants you! He doesn’t want you for what you can do for Him, but for what He longs to do for you. He will do for you what Jesus did for His disciples. He changed them into the type of person that He was. And He’ll do the same for you. And then through you (believe it or not), He’ll do the same for others. That’s the plan! There is no other.
Embrace the idea! Teaching is plentiful in the church and most of us are getting enough already. But, as He leads you, take advantage of the opportunities that cross your path to be apprenticed by a more mature believer and to be immersed in the culture of Christ.  Look for every opportunity to make Jesus Lord in every area of your life. There is no plan B.