Jesus has said to you and me, “Wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Because of the way He said this, we can see that we are in control of where our hearts will be. Have you ever thought, “I should be more excited about what God is doing but my heart is just not in it”? Or “I used to be diligent about following Jesus but lately I just don’t have the heart for it”. We say these things as if the circumstances we find ourselves in, just happened to us. The fact is, we create these circumstances and we can change them. How? Change what you are investing your time, energy, and money in and you change the state of your heart. Put your treasure in a different place and your heart will follow.

There is a part of your soul that longs for something that will last. In fact, we are eternal beings, and we have a deep desire to connect with eternal things. Material things are fun and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them especially if you are enjoying them with the people you love. But the joy of temporary things will always fade away and leave you empty unless you are also engaged with the eternal God and His kingdom. When I say His kingdom, I mean His people and the work He has for you to do.

How can you ensure that you stay connected to God? One life altering boundary. Just commit to it. Decide once and for all that although you have hobbies, interests, and passions, for things that may not fulfill God’s calling in your life, you will not allow anything to come between you and the things that God has prepared for you to do. And here’s a great spiritual exercise that will also elevate your life. Look at the things that you enjoy doing for recreation, fun and relaxation and ask God how He might use them to help others.

If you love reading, invite a few friends to read a great Christian book with you and get together to discuss it once a week. If you love working out, ask a friend who is not a believer to come workout with you. Don’t preach to them or secretly scheme to convert them. Just be their friend and see what happens. If you’re already in some club or play some sport, invite some of those friends to come to church with you. It could change their lives and perhaps yours as well. Whatever the state of your life is now, commit to this one boundary and God and people will notice and you will find the fulfillment that your heart desires. desire in your heart of hearts!