I like our chances
We know from Romans 8 that God has prearranged things for us. You can probably also see that He is rearranging many things in your life. The point is God is an arranger. It’s who He is and what He does. If you look at Romans 8:28 in context, where Paul says that God works everything together for our good, you’ll see he’s really talking about how those people who love God are able to see what God is doing.

A person who knows and loves God has a different perspective than those who don’t know Him. We see things from the perspective of victory. God is arranging everything so that, ultimately, we will succeed, and nothing can stand in our way. Not even death can keep us from this gift of life that we carry in our bodies.

The word used here means to work together as coworkers for the same purpose. It’s as if all our circumstances, both within and beyond our control, are collaborating for our good. And, if we pay attention, we can see it. So, what do we do when problems arise? We pray. We cast our cares on God. We praise Him and offer Him our requests. We actively believe that God is working on our behalf and follow His lead in all things. Do what only you can do, and trust God to do what only He can do. It’s a great arrangement!