Peace is peace! Chances are that you already know what peace is. There are no surprises when you search the Hebrew and Greek. We know what it is. We just have trouble getting it. It’s actually rare to find someone who has real peace in this world. Christians ought to be overflowing with it, but we are not. Jesus said He was leaving us His peace. So where is it? It’s in you. If you are a believer, it’s already there. Specifically, it’s in the Spirit of Christ Jesus which lives in you.

It’s very simple to understand but very difficult to obtain. When we live our lives out of the Spirit of God in us, we find that there is an abiding peace that transcends human understanding as the scripture says. But, when we believe, speak and act out of our own human nature, depending on and being led by our flawed, aimless selfish desires, we get stressed. Our souls are in conflict with God’s will and no matter what we accomplish, we still find ourselves restless and unsatisfied.

How do you change that? It must be conscious, deliberate, intentional and prayerful. We can’t do it alone. We must be willing to make changes as God leads us. Ask Him to help you to make small changes each day. He will. If you don’t believe me then try it. If you’re serious, He will be serious also. It starts with the first step. Don’t get ahead of God, just take it day by day even moment by moment and God will be faithful. How did the disciples follow Jesus? One day and one step at a time. They didn’t always know the destination, they only knew that following the man up front would get them there. That’s how you’ll do it too. And the Prince Of Peace, who is already residing in you, walking beside you and out in front of you, will astound you with peace that defies explanation.