Jesus didn’t talk about it much at all. When he did talk about sex, it was in relation to marriage and adultery. I’ve always wondered why the gospels are so silent about something that the whole world seems so preoccupied with. Sex was created by God to be a beautiful and intimate way in which married couples share their love for each other. As the only form of procreation, the whole human race depends on it for survival. But as in all things good and pure, the enemy has twisted it and distorted it and now presents his version to us in order to hurt and destroy people.

If you think that sinful sexual behavior is bad today, it was even worse in Jesus day. The Apostle Paul addressed this out of control sinful behavior in the first chapter of Romans and he wasn’t the only one. There were many writers and historians who described the depravity of those times as being the worst the world had ever seen. Some now, say that it was the worst in human history.

So, why did Jesus not preach sermons dedicated to singling out this sin? I think there are very definite reasons why. And, while Jesus did not expound on the subject, I think we can learn a lot from what He didn’t say and how He treated those who were engaged in this particular sin.

The person who asked me to talk about sex was sincerely curious about how God views it and how those who are engaged in sin can get help. Most of us have committed sexual sin and many of us are still in bondage to it and the guilt and shame that comes along with it. But, there is forgiveness, freedom and healing that awaits all of us who desperately need God’s help. I can’t wait to share this message with you!