This battle is the real thing. Every writer of the New Testament talks about it in one way or another. This week, I read the Book of Revelation all the way through and studied a few of the chapters in depth. The thing that stood out most to me, is that throughout the New Testament, there is this theme of an inner struggle for our souls. The battle is not against people but against spiritual wickedness (Ephesians 6). Don’t conform to the world but be transformed (Romans 12). Don’t sow to the sinful nature but to the Spirit and you will reap life (Galatians 6). And on and on page after page the battle is described in almost every way possible.

And, in the book of Revelation, God does not change the subject. It’s still about the battle for our souls. It’s about our struggle against powers and principalities. We all struggle but we don’t struggle alone. We are the body of Christ together, the New Jerusalem, that is the Bride in whom God dwells. It’s beautiful because we overcome. We are victorious. And if you can believe it, your victory can start right now. God is waiting for warriors who believe that His spirit can overwhelm the enemy in every part of their being. Are you one of those warriors? I hope so, because we are great when we struggle together!