Have you ever wondered what your life should be focused on? If you’re like me, your life gets busy and complicated and at times you wonder how to simplify your focus. The love chapter in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13, says the greatest thing is love. But, the meaning really goes deeper than any modern translation expresses. The old King James Version used the word Charity. The word is actually Agape from the greek and it goes deep. 

It’s the kind of love that God loves us with. It’s also the kind of love that God is, when John says, “God is Love”. Even more amazing, it’s the love that is born in us when we are born again of the Spirit. So, God loves us with this kind of love and we have the ability to love others with this same kind of love. Phileo, is a warm type of love that comes from getting to know someone and is usually in response to some lovable quality. Not so with Agape. Phileo may come and go with changes in a person’s situation, but not Agape. 

Agape is relentless, unchangeable, committed, passionate in its pursuit of its object. It’s solid and stable. It cannot be altered. It is unconditional and is the substance of God Himself. It’s what we all long for. It’s the main thing in life. And the best news is that it’s exactly what God offers us each day. Receive it and you will be able to freely give it. I pray that God will bless you with the understanding of how He loves you today and give you the means to share that same kind of love freely.