Ok, you super spiritual people are not going to like the word “magic”. But, we use it to describe things that are extremely good. If something spontaneous and great happens, we say it was a magical moment. If someone is extraordinarily good at something, we say to them, “Work your magic!”. If an experience is indescribably special, we say, “It was Magical”. And when the romance leaves a relationship, we say that it has lost its magic. 

I have witnessed in others and even in my own life, times when faith seems to lose its magic. At first, we were all so excited to be followers of Christ. We loved being free and forgiven. We thought about it and talked about it all the time. But, some of us after a while lose our excitement. Jesus talked about how the cares of the world steal the truth from us. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We actually can and should become more excited as time goes by.

In fact, I have found that almost everything gets better when it is surrendered to God. Your relationships become magical. Your ability to interact with others in the love, grace, mercy, compassion, understanding and confidence of Christ will revolutionize your existence. Life gets more and more exciting as you walk closer with Jesus. As He relies on you to do His work with other people, you will feel more alive than ever. 

So, if you have let the cares of the world rob you of your joy, if things haven’t gone your way lately, if your attitude for whatever reason has taken a nose dive, cheer up! There is a magical life that awaits you! God is just waiting for you to get on board. Start with thanking God for all the good things He has blessed you with and don’t stop. This is how we enter into His presence. Psalm 16 says, “In His presence, there is fullness of joy”. 

And, if you are married, and you treat your spouse as Christ would, your relationship will get magical and stay magical. Just ask my wife!