Every now and then I deliver a message in church that I think is important. But, I’ve never felt this way about a particular sermon. It wasn’t just something that God was wanting to say. It was God shouting, “This is what I’m about, and this is what I want you to be about!” It’s already been suggested a couple of times, that every person who comes on staff or is appointed to a leadership position, at The Net, in the future, should be required to watch 10-22-23, “What Happens When We Share”. I can’t disagree. If you watch, you’ll understand.

I had a very powerful experience with God. And through it, He revealed to me just how important and urgent it is, that we seek the most effective ways to reach the lost and implement them. The attention we give to those who don’t yet know Christ, should match the passion of God’s heart for the lost. Jesus made it so clear in the three parables of lost things (Luke 15), but I just never saw it before. I was thinking in terms of metaphors, but now I believe Jesus was literally showing us His own heart for lost people.

The only other thing I will say here is to those who may be searching, who may have drifted away, who may not be able to conceive of a God who loves without condition. It’s not a sin to be lost. God does not condemn you no matter what anyone says. You don’t have to earn His respect. He respected you when He created you and He respects you now. He forgives you. If He could forgive those who nailed Him to a cross, He can forgive you. He is inviting you into His family. All of Christianity is about saying yes to God. Will you say yes to Him today?