What if I told you that there is one thing you could start doing today that would change your relationship with God and almost everyone else? It’s what my mother told me to do on more than one occasion. She would say, “Watch your mouth”. This is just exactly what James is telling us in chapter three. He says something so incredible that if you aren’t focused on it, you may miss it. He says that if you can control your tongue, you can control your whole body.

This is not an easy feat. It is the most difficult of all the members of the body to control. Here’s an interesting thought. James starts the chapter by saying there shouldn’t be many Christian teachers because they will be held to a stricter standard. Just as our mouths can make trouble for us and many others, people who claim to speak for Christ can also do some damage. Be discerning in who you listen to and be wise in what you say. As difficult as it is, make every effort to be wise in your words.

Can it be done? Yes, it can. And I promise you that you’ll never be closer to the heart and mind of Christ than when you are controlling your tongue. Your words have the power to steal, kill, and destroy or to restore, resurrect, and rebuild those things and people the enemy has torn down. James’ revelation is powerful and explosive if we are willing to follow his lead.