Freedom is in our DNA. God put it there. We all want it and God wants it for us. God spoke to Moses and said to tell Pharaoh that His people were like a Son to Him and to let His Son go free. God secured freedom for all His people and provided for their every need. There was one thing He required from them and also from us, and that’s obedience. The people wanted to be free but they didn’t want to obey. As far as I can tell, this is a universal requirement for liberty. In this country, as in all free societies, freedom is maintained if we obey. If we don’t, we lose our freedom.

Some people think they can have it both ways, but you soon learn that disobedience is a losing proposition. It can cause you to lose your scholarship, your job, house, car, friends, spouse, etc. Just about anything you have can be lost. And with each loss, goes some of that freedom that we desperately desire. But God offers us something incredible! It’s called grace.

Grace forgives our past sins and gives us both the will and the ability which comes in the form of the Holy Spirit, to live a life of freedom and obedience. And if we stumble into disobedience, grace can put us back on track again. That’s what happened with Moses, Aaron, the people of Israel and it can happen to you and me. Christ died to give us this way to true freedom. No matter where you are or what thing you may have done to lose some freedom you once had, the Holy Spirit is waiting to put you back on track. Don’t pass up this rich opportunity.

As we celebrate the outward liberty we have in this country, don’t forget what Christ did to make us truly free on the inside. “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).