the power of one word

There are many strong words, but this one is really powerful. The word is “Together.” In my teens, I apprenticed as a trim carpenter during the summers. I learned a lot. One thing I realized is that two people don’t just accomplish twice what one has the ability to do alone. Two people can do the work of three or four people who are working on their own. (principle: Ecclesiastes 4:9) It may take one person five minutes to get one piece of crown molding in place. Prop it up, climb the ladder, hold it, check it, and nail it. It’s easy for two people but usually takes more than one try for one person on their own. In that same amount of time, two good carpenters could probably complete all four walls of that room.

It’s the same with our own bodies. You break your arm, and everything you do slows down. You need that arm to make the rest of the body work. In the Body Of Christ, you may actually be that arm or an eye or another part of the body that is desperately needed in order for Christ to get his work done. God created you with purpose. But sometimes, we think of our purpose as being just one thing. We ask, “What is my purpose?”. But, you were made for more, just as your arm was made for more than just brushing your teeth. What if your arm only did one thing? What a waste. It can do so much more, and so can you.

You are an amazing example of God’s creation. What would happen at The Net if everyone suddenly began to see all the possibilities? What if we all just decided that we were going to work together to accomplish God’s dream? What if we came “together” to use our gifts and talents in new ways? What if, when we saw a need, our first response was, “I wonder if, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I could contribute my time and talent to that and make a difference”. I can tell you this: Our potential output is exponentially greater when we’re together than when we’re apart. Why not offer yourself to God and to the service of His body? When there’s an opportunity, why not jump in and ask questions later? I’ll bet you’ll find that when you say yes to God more often, He’ll say yes to you more often.