It’s ironic! The things that make us human are the same things that make us like God. We have the ability to think, create, feel emotion, make choices about what we want to do and then, by our own will, put those choices into action. In fact, apart from the miracles, we have the ability at will, to live as Christ lived. The nature of Christ is ours to step into, if we so choose. The only thing we lack is the will. That comes to us through the Spirit of Christ as we choose to let Him lead.

That’s pretty great if you think about it! When Jesus was on the cross, He forgave all the people who put Him there. You might think you would never be capable of such a selfless act. But, God created you with the capacity to forgive. I’m sure if you thought about it, you would remember cases in which you have forgiven egregious sins committed against you. It’s not so hard to do if you love someone with all your heart. I find myself able to forgive my brother, my parents, my children and my wife for anything. There is nothing any of them have ever done that I hold a grudge over. It’s because of my will. 

It’s my will, because I love them. And because I love them, it’s always in my best interest to forgive them. That’s easy to understand and not so hard to do. The will that we possess as humans is the key. You don’t have to change the way you feel. You only need to correct your will. You decide and then act on it. I believe from my own experience that it’s in the action portion of the process that the Spirit of God meets you. He empowers you in your actions and your feelings almost always follow. 

So, continuing with the forgiveness example, once I had a falling out with a friend that lasted 2 years. One day as I prayed, God spoke to me to forgive my friend. I still felt betrayed, but I did what God was leading me to do and called him. As soon as I asked him to forgive me (there are always two sides), my feelings began to change. I was committed to forgive him and once I did, my life got better. The grudge was gone, the heaviness lifted, and I regained a true friend. All because of one thing. My will. It can take you to the lowest form of human existence or it can lead you to the highest life God offers. 

It’s all up to you. What will you choose? Decide, commit and don’t let anyone or anything dissuade you. God will meet you in it and your life will get better.