The scripture says for us not to despise the day of small things. Small doesn’t mean weak or insignificant. While some small things are not of much consequence, there is so much power and significance in the right small things. I have been making a point lately to challenge you to do a few easy things but to do them every single day. Like, listen to a worship song, read a verse or two of scripture, take a minute to pray for someone else or do something kind for someone. These are simple habits that don’t take much time or effort but over a month’s time, they can become a very powerful thing.

In one month, you could read a whole book of the Bible. In a year 12 books! In one month, you could develop the habit of praying for others and bring 30 people before God in prayer. You get the idea! And give yourself a payoff of some kind if you complete a day, week, or month. Celebrate your spiritual strides forward. Don’t think that the little things are without value. They can change your life. They’ve changed mine.