Have you ever wondered about the significance of trees in the Bible? The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Tree of Life, The Tree Planted by The River (this is who we are) or how about the Fig Tree that Jesus cursed or the tree that scripture says Jesus was crucified on? Each tree speaks to us, to who we are and who God is. There is great symbolism and wisdom that is to be discerned as we take a look at some of the most powerful messages that God has given to us through the metaphor of trees. We call it Tree-ology.

It’s a most unusual but fascinating spiritual topic. It’s no coincidence that God created trees and has used them to teach us but also to sustain our lives. Humans could not live without trees. One full-grown leafy tree can produce enough oxygen in one season to keep as many as ten people alive for one year. They clean pollution and greenhouse gasses from the air, contribute to the water table, prevent erosion and provide both fuel and raw material that we use in thousands of ways.

You might have guessed by now that I love trees. I’m also a woodworker, so I appreciate the look and smell of wood and the feel of cutting, fitting, and fashioning it into something useful. As a Christian, I appreciate the tree as one of God’s greatest works of creation. God loves them too. And you’ll see in this series just how valuable the tree is to our understanding. So, put on your hiking boots cause we’re going for a walk in the woods.