Have you ever played that game where you fall backwards and trust your friends to catch you? It’s hard for most of us to just let go and trust. But this is what we have to do with God. Jesus was constantly asking His disciples to trust Him. He would often say to them, “You of little faith”. He is still telling us today to trust in Him. 
Do you trust Him? I know most of us would say, “Sure, I trust Him”. It’s easy when all we have to do is say it. But, what about when we have to put our life in His hands? A friend of mine told me recently that she had been diagnosed with cancer. They had gone in with a scope and looked at it and biopsied it. I was very concerned about her. Many people were praying for her and we were praying for her. She made the statement. “I know I’m going to be alright because everyone has prayed for me”. The day came for surgery and the surgeon went in to remove the tumor but it was no longer there. It was gone. 
My friend is still recovering from the surgery but no treatment is required. It makes me think of what Jesus said, “Your faith has made you whole”. Wow! There is power in faith, the kind of trust that allows you to fall backwards into the Father’s arms. I think God brings us all to this kind of decision. Will we trust in God or will we continue to lean on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5,6). Trusting in your own strength will literally wear you down. Maybe you and I should stop leaning on the things that will eventually give way and start trusting that our foundation on the Chief Cornerstone will never fail. Joseph had this kind of foundation and God chose him to be the earthly father and role model to the King of Kings!