If you have turned on the news lately, you may have thought, “Where did all these crazy people come from?” I have heard statements recently like, “The world has gone crazy”, “Things have never been this bad” or “This must be the end of times”. These are strange times and I’m sure some could make a compelling case for this being the end but, we must not get distracted. We must keep things in perspective and keep the mind of Christ as others seem to be loosing their sanity and not knowing what to do in the face of chaos in our culture.

Just a brief study of history will tell you that there has always been trouble of grave nature. Most of humanity has suffered under tyranny and horrific living conditions with little or no medical care and short life spans. We actually are extremely blessed to live where we live and with all the advantages of technology, hygiene, medical care, food, shelter, clothing and an abundance of so much more.

That’s perspective. Now, how do respond to the craziness? As Jesus would. We absolutely must make sure that we are the respectful, grace giving, loving and kind neighbors that Jesus has appointed us to be and that we don’t fall into the category of those whom Jesus chastised the most. Those people of course were the religious elite. Jesus became angry with them many times and said that they did not belong to God at all but that they were hypocritical, blind guides and belonged to their father Satan.

So demonstrate the nature of Christ always and especially when you are angered by sin, ignorance or disrespect. Do not repay with the same sin, ignorance and disrespect but with love, patience, respect and understanding. When someone offends you, don’t think too much. Just respond with the same love that Christ has loved you with.