What are you hoping for? I hope there is something that you are praying for – something that inspires you when you think about it – something that makes you happy to think about. The best news in a sea of bad news is that God is the God of hope. He is full of hope and will fill your heart with it the moment that you begin to believe. There’s something very mysterious but powerful about believing in Jesus. For some reason, faith is extremely important to God. It’s so important that without it, the scripture says, it’s impossible to please Him. Another place it says, “don’t let the person who doubts think that they will receive anything from the Lord.”

But everyone has been given a measure of faith and what we do with it makes all the difference. Faith is defined in the book of Hebrews as “the substance of things hoped for.” That either means that the thing that you hope for is made out of faith or that your faith causes the thing you hope to materialize. The most exciting thing for a believer should be believing in the things that you are hoping for. It’s extremely exciting. Just this morning, Lynnae asked me what she could pray for me today. I replied with something that I thought wouldn’t happen until next week, but I needed it to happen today. Within a couple of hours, I was excited to call her and tell her that her prayer had already been answered. That is exciting!

What are you hoping for? What are you praying for? It would be a shame if the answer is “nothing.” God has so much that He wants to give you, so much He has in mind for you! Please don’t miss it!