the power of one word

In our current series, “40 Days,” we are talking about things God did in 40 days. 40 days of resurrection (Jesus before the ascension), 40 days of rebellion (Israel at Mount Sinai), 40 days of protection (Noah and his family in the ark), 40 days of fear (Goliath threatening Israel), and 40 days of temptation (Jesus, tempted in the wilderness). What could the next 40 days hold for you?

Is there something you need? Does something come to mind that your heart desires, but you have no idea how to make it happen? Have you tried doing things your way only to strike out? If so, I have a suggestion for you. Try doing it God’s way. I know it sounds cliche, and I hate cliches, but there is a way that God gets the right things done in our lives.

He has a perfect plan for you. In fact, if you try this process, it’s possible, actually probable, that you’ll see God has even a better idea than yours. He gets His work done through grace, and He gives grace to the humble. He wants to do great things for you and in you, but it has to be done through submission to Him. You have to let Him guide you through His plan. It’s impossible to guide Him through your plan.

So pray to the Father. Talk to Him like He’s in the room because He is in the room. Tell Him your deepest heart’s desires, your most painful weaknesses, your regrets, and your hopes. Then ask Him to lead you through each day and make you aware of what He is doing in your life and those you interact with. He is so good! He will make ways where there are no ways. He will change you and make you into a person you never thought you could be. He loves you and will make every day an adventure. Write down the things He does for you, speaks to you, or shows you. In 40 days of trusting God, you’ll be amazed at what He will do. Try it and see.