Are you more or less engaged with God now than you were before the Corona Virus? Are you more or less engaged with people now than before? In some ways you may be more engaged with God and some have suggested that church online is the way to go. I must admit that I wondered that myself in the beginning when I saw how many people we were suddenly reaching with online services. But I have found myself in opposition to the ads that are glorifying non-interaction with people. It seems that the new political correctness is to say that somehow this is better than what we had before. It seems as if some are actually saying that we can do all the things that we used to do together by screen connectivity. When I turn on media and see all the talking heads coming from their own living room, it feels like a sci-fi movie. I don’t like sci-fi movies and this sci-fi reality is really starting to get to me.

Why should I be bothered? Giving is up and we are reaching more people online. Shouldn’t I be happy about that? I am happy about the ones that we were not reaching before, but I miss you all. If you could have been in the room last week with the few who were there, you would have felt something that could not possibly have come through the screen. It was love that we had for each other. It was a quenching of a longing to see your friends and worship the God you love with the people you love. I was so happy and so sad. I have a secret hope that I will see you all again soon and that we will gather like we once did but with a profound appreciation for each other.

Some of you are feeling bad about now. So, I want to say that if you truly have an underlying condition that puts you at risk, please stay safe! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. But if it’s something else like fear, anxiety, or convenience that keeps you away, fight that obstacle with all that is within you and step out with mask and sanitizer in hand. If you need either one of those things, we will supply them at the door. Safety is a real issue that we have addressed. If you haven’t already, check out the COVID19 plan on the website

As always, Jesus is our focus this week. We are talking about living your life with order. We will talk about order on the outside and on the inside. Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. 2620 Clinton Ave. West, Campus 805. Follow the blue flags. We love you and we’ll see you there or online. ural differences. I want to be able to literally embrace those whose perspective is 180 degrees from mine. We in the church, will never agree on everything but if we are serious about Jesus, we could agree on the main thing. “Love one another as I have loved you.”