Grace is absolutely essential to Christianity. Without it, there would be no hope for us. It bridges the gap between our sinful state and the righteousness of God. It’s a second chance for us each day to become the children of God that He created us to be.

But grace is not a license to sin. It’s not a loophole to enable our evil nature to remain intact. It is not a reprieve from change. It’s not an excuse to remain passive. It is the power of God to bring us into His kingdom and to empower us to live as Christ did. In other words, grace does not excuse sin, it defeats the power of it.

Most Christians shun the words perfect and sinless. I think that is a good thing because those words immediately activate our self-righteous pride if we have any. Many people including me, have desired to be sinless for the sake of being sinless. This thinking, by the way, is sinful in itself because it comes from a place of pride. But, it’s just as wrong to say that we cannot overcome sin.

Whenever I have a conversation with someone about this, I always say that you’ll never be able to overcome the sin in your life until you believe it’s possible through the grace of Jesus Christ. The very next question to me is always the same. “So, you’re saying you believe in sinless perfection?” My reply is also always the same. “Let’s not use the word perfection because even Jesus would not meet the requirements that we have associated with that word. Even though Christ may have made some human mistakes like forgetting something or cutting a piece of wood too short in the workshop, He was perfect in one thing. He always obeyed His Father in heaven. And even though most Christians today don’t believe that living the way Jesus lived in obedience to the Father is possible, one thing is for sure, the men who wrote the New Testament certainly believed it.”

The Apostle Paul uses the word blameless. It’s a good word and a good way to think about what the grace of God can produce in our lives. The power of God’s amazing grace not only frees us from the sins of the past but can also prevent us from committing the sins of the future. We must believe this! If we don’t, we will be like people the scripture describes, “always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

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