If someone offered you the opportunity to meet with the most successful person in your field once a day for an hour, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a rocket scientist, the ability to have an audience with someone who does what you do better than anyone else in the world would be an amazing opportunity. Think of how much you could learn. Would you pass on such good fortune?

So why do we pass up the chance to talk with the One who knows everything and everyone? He doesn’t just offer to meet with you for an hour, but He offers to be your constant companion. You can bring anything and everything to Him and He never gets tired of you. He delights in your company and wants the same thing that you want in your heart of hearts. He wants to give you His mind and His heart. He wants you to be able to speak the words of God. He wants you to be able to love and help other people. He wants to make you powerful and effective.

James, the brother of Jesus, said that if you have trouble, you should pray. He said if you are sick, you should call for the elders in the church to pray for you, and God would heal you and forgive your sins. Yet, even when we come to church, most of us leave with the same problems we walked in with having never asked anyone to pray for us. What a shame! There is power at your disposal. God wants to be your friend and some of us never even speak to Him. It’s not hard. You can start right now by saying, “Dear Lord…”.